My Work

I will post regular updates about my work complete with photos. If you would like to use my less-than-professional photos then I will require you to seek my permission first and full credit is needed.

I have been full qualified for many years but learning every day.

Currently, I am working full time at Tan Oz,  Busby Road, Clarkston, Glasgow.


Facts About Me

My name is Georgina Lindsey-Smith

I’m in my 30s, living as cruelty free and plant-based as humanly possibly.

I am happily married with one beautiful cat and one handsome step son.

I love heavy metal, tattoos and piercings.

I am a seamstress and love making my own clothes; I would love to enter the Great British Sewing Bee but I don’t have that much confident plus I don’t think there will be a new series.

I drink too much but do yoga to try and counteract my bad habit!