My first competition and I need your help!

Being a nail technician can be so much more than working in a salon. Not that I don’t enjoy my job, I absolutely adore it. But there are so many competitions out there to showcase and input this creativity that lurks within.

I’m very excited to announce that I will be entering my very first industry competition this year,  Scratch Magazine’s The Great Photo Shoot Out 2017. I don’t work hugely well under pressure so being able to produce some photographic art works well for me and my stress levels.

The theme to this competition is completely open so I have gone through a few ideas but finally settled on one. Unfortunately, that’s as much as I can reveal however, I will let you in on a little secret. One of my favourite nail technicians, Kirsty Meakin, gave me the inspiration. Shhhhhhh….


I may need your help, I’m seeking a Glasgow-based MUA, photographer (preferably with a studio) and model. It will be a paid job and will be a lot of fun. The model needs to have very good hands, healthy (non-bitten) cuticles and nice long nail beds. Email me at with your information!

Wish me luck!

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