A brand new start

Sorry I’ve been quiet after just two posts! I got overwhelmed at work, had a holiday and was working every hour godsend so now everything is out the way, here’s a brand spanking new post. 

It comes with exciting news that I will be running a new salon. Currently, I have been based at Tan Oz on Clarkston Road but as of tomorrow, I am moving to the Tan Oz salon on Busby Road. I am more than excited. My appointment book is filling up and I cannot wait to get going on some fun and glittery designs.

As I said before, work has been pretty hectic. Although the classic, one colour is classy and sleek, I can’t help but get excited when someone comes in with a photo or an idea that is totally outside the box. One client in particular came in with a photo of some gorgeous glitter ombres and pretty petals. My recreation is pictured below:

Georgi's Nails
Credit: Georgi’s Nails

I’ve been really proud of these and have been posting them up a lot. I think a two-colour ombre is fantastic and the colour combinations endless. I have also tried a three-colour ombre and I felt they looked like an icy version of American candy corn sweets. My client adored them.

Georgi's Nails
Credit: Georgi’s Nails

I think the accent nail mix of cool blue and deep glitter stops the look going slightly overboard.

It’s not just acrylics and nail art that I’ve been blessed with over the last few weeks. There has been some clients with impressive natural nails; such as these beauties.

Georgi's Nails

There has been so many clients over the past few weeks and I can’t thank you all enough. I have a special offer for anyone booking in with me at Tan Oz on Busby Road this week – 15% off all acrylic enhancements.

Just call 0141 638 6156 or message through the Facebook Page.

Coming up next will be a review on a new teeth whitening product. Wish me luck!

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